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With more than 2.5 billion euros in financial assets, 14 locations in France and Israel, 160 employees, Cyrus Conseil is the French leader in independent Private Wealth Management and Asset Management.


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"The campaign enabled us to efficiently contact clients we were trying to reach for months!"

Aline Cholet, Consultant, specialized in retirement pension @ Cyrus Conseil

The Interview
What did you like in SparkUp’s approach regarding the tools and the process? What are the advantages / the added value to using SparkUp in your work? (In matter of efficiency, generated exchanges, results on collect)
SparkUp has enabled us to boost our "Pension" consulting business by referring our clients who may be interested in these issues directly to our specialist. I am glad I used SparkUp’s tool; the campaign had a real impact on our clients, who were very satisfied with the structured answers they received to their questions when asking for an appointment. Internally, our consultants, who have tried for months to communicate with clients, managed to get back in touch efficiently thanks to your technology and the customized e-mailing setup. Our consultants have then been very happy with the campaign.
What are the drawbacks?
When it comes to disadvantages, our consultants would have preferred receiving the answers in their own mailbox. Cyrus is an investment management​ company that exists since 1989; we possess already many different systems. Adding the SparkUp platform has requested some short adapting time.
What would you say to other investment managers who hesitate to use SparkUp?
Go on​ and try it! You won’t lose anything from testing the tool and it is always good to prepare a campaign. We have to be sure that our database is complete and well processed, to increase the chances of conversion. We made a first test with SparkUp in December, which enabled us to better handle our 64 consultants during the following of the April Campaign.
Do you think you would call on SparkUp for your future campaigns?
I am totally willing to keep going with SparkUp’s solution ​since it spares some considerable time for the teams. I suggested another operation with our clients, however, I am not the one to decide. It is the communication team and our commercial department that will decide if we go for it or not.

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