Startrek Holdings

Startrek Holdings is a wealth tax holding which utilized SparkUp to increase their annual collection. Their multi-year campaigns target potential partners, the independent advisors in asset management.

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Campaign Key Data

Recurring Campaign

50% mail opening

25% return mails

50 Incoming calls

20 Appointments generated


“5% of our annual collection and 20% of our 2016 growth is due to SparkUp”

Thomas Spoke, Associate @ Startrek Holdings

The Interview
What made your campaign successful?
In the first place, I think what contributed to our success was the talent with which Sparkup wrote the emails. When we compared with emails that we had prepared ourselves, we realised that SparkUp’s proposal was very professional and would increase our chances of success. We were not wrong. From the first email, we had more than 50% of openings and 5% of clicks. In addition, the follow up of the campaigns and the analysis of the behaviour of the people we contacted enabled us to optimise our emails. The organisation of reminders, the regularity and the tracking tool, which SparkUp provided were all important. In actual fact, the reminders alone gained us 50 new calls.<br />Of course, the campaign wouldn’t have been a success without the reactivity and skills of the marketing team of Startrek Holdings and the quality of our offer!
What would you say to entrepreneurs who hesitate to call on SparkUp?
We could imagine that anybody could do what SparkUp does, with relative success: anyone can send emails and appeal to their network and partners. But it would certainly be a mistake, as the campaign would be less professional and the impact would be much less pertinent. I would like to recommend that entrepreneurs trust SparkUp whose job it is to enable companies to find funds from their network. They have a real credibility, proven advice and add value, which is visible from the first meeting. They make the collection easy, whether it be for funds or a company increasing their capital.
Why did you decide to work with SparkUp?
Our ambition was to increase the annual collection of wealth tax by 80% in 2016. SparkUp is a solution which allows us to reach this objective by launching a campaign to collect funds from potential partners and independent financial advisors. We wanted to work with SparkUp because they propose an emailing service which is both qualitative and professional, which is suitable to our area of work. Their client relationship management system was a very efficient tool for making contact in a manner that was both global and precise, in order to generate calls and appointments. What convinced us was that their solution met our needs without taking a financial risk or wasting time.
What investment did you identify?
SparkUp helped us gain 5% of our annual collection and contributed to 20% of our growth in 2016.
Who did you contact?
We contacted our list of independent financial advisors in France in order to begin conversations and rapidly identify the partners who would be interested in our wealth tax holding. We didn’t want to contact our network in the beginning.<br />What surprised us was the interest shown by independent financial advisors who we’d never spoken to, who wanted to invest in Startrek Anti-Fragile 2016. It was exactly this kind of opportunity that we were looking for but we didn’t think we would have so many meetings.
Why did you decide to trust SparkUp?
To be honest, at the beginning we didn’t think it would work as well (indeed we had to buy lunch for the team!). We didn’t have much objectivity in regard to the methods and results used by SparkUp and we didn’t realise how relevant it could be to our profession. We decided that we had nothing to lose and when we met Jeremy who explained SparkUp’s products and method to us. The model email and improved project page for the conversion were arguments that convinced us. We understood that if we trusted SparkUp, our communication would be more professional and we would obtain better results.<br />What also helped was the good feeling that we had with the team from SparkUp.
Would you make the same decisions again?
Yes, and we intend to. We were so pleased with the results in terms of both marketing and because we reached our objective. We’re going to launch a new campaign with SparkUp with an end date of June 15th.
Would you recommend crowdfunding?
This time we didn’t really use crowdfunding because we communicated with the independent financial advisors and not our networks. But we would recommend it to companies who contact us for financing, either because they don’t meet our selection criteria or they need more financing and could combine their funds from Startrek Holdings with crowdfunding or the crowdfunding would be a more suitable solution.

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