TonPsy is the first online platform for psychotherapy and psychoanalysis. This unique service enables patients to consult by video, without Skype.


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“SparkUp allowed us to raise funds by reaching contacts from whom we only knew the email address”

Jean-Philippe and Yoann, Co-Founders @ TonPsy

The Interview
What made your campaign successful?
3 factors made us succeed. First, the personalized mass mailing revealed itself to be a very efficient way to introduce our investment offer! Second, convincing our team and our friends to get the word out that we were raising funds enabled us to start conversations with the network of our network, which provided 25% of the funding.
What would you tell entrepreneurs who are hesitant about SparkUp?
Before launching our SparkUp campaign, our biggest concern was that our network would prove insufficient to finance us. And indeed, our friends and family didn’t contribute much in terms of funds raised. But our campaign demonstrated that a company’s network is bigger than the network of its cofounders. The community of a company includes all of its teams’ contacts and even all the professionals who work in the same sector. So our advice is pretty straightforward. If your project is good, you’ll find investors. Trust yourself and trust SparkUp!
Why did you trust SparkUp?
In the summer of 2013, we decided to raise funds to improve our product and develop our communications. Contacted by SparkUp, which was then barely incorporated, we decided to trust them because we liked the concept.
What did you appreciate most in SparkUp?
We really appreciated the valet treatment we received. SparkUp helped us present our company in the most compelling way, in particular when building our Project page.

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