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"The email contact concept is the less aggressive idea and yet still very effective to reach the Wealth Management Advisors"

Vincent Colin, Head of FCPI and ISF Holding commercialization @ Truffle

The Interview
Why did you decide to make a campaign with SparkUp?
SparkUp enabled me to solicit the entire network of our partners in wealth management in the framework of the organization of roadshows to promote the launch of our new SME ISF tax exemption. In the beginning, ​we launched 2 campaigns at the same time. One with Teleperformance and the other with SparkUp. Combining both was complicated because it adds a workload and it can create some confusion when it comes to the management of these 2 campaigns. If it had to be done again, we would fully focus on the one with SparkUp. SparkUp’s Modus Operandi is much softer and fits better to the partners’ habits who prefer to be reached by e-mail. SparkUp is also much more advantageous when it comes to costs than Teleperformance: the difference really is considerable!
What did you like in SparkUp’s approach regarding the tools and the process? What are the advantages / the added value to using SparkUp in your work? (In matter of efficiency, generated exchanges, results on collect)
The email contact concept is a very good idea to reach the Wealth Management Advisors. E-mails offer a customized approach, personalized and targeted without being too direct and invasive for the potential investors. Not having to manage the mailing is another big advantage: it spares some precious time. The process enabled generating appointments and document requests, even from people who were not there for the roadshows. Nevertheless, the fact that we gathered SparkUp and Teleperformance’s approach along with our own teams’ doesn’t enable us to monitor precisely SparkUp’s impact into an exact number.
What are the drawbacks?
Even if the tool is set up rapidly, we should not neglect the preparation time for the campaign. You should start if possible the campaign preparation a bit before, it saves some time. We have to answer ourselves to the people interested, so if the number is high it is going to take some time, even if SparkUp automation tool is timesaving.
What would you say to the investment managers who hesitate to call on SparkUp?
SparkUp’s team is responsive and present for you through the entire campaign but it is good to start the preparation internally first, to have some useful content to show them so that everything can go faster. The Mailing tool is very convenient, but don’t hesitate to have one person dedicated to the follow-up and the answering in order to gain in efficiency.

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