“We raised 350,000 euros or 280% of our funding goal”

Stéphane Deubel
Founder at Cavacave

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Success stories

At SparkUp we support a range of startups across diverse sectors and businesses. From speciality restaurants in food and beverage to innovative parking ticket management. Discover how we have helped different startups raise funds.


“In 6 weeks, we managed to raise €550K, which proves that the SparkUp way works!”

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“We raised our first 820 000€ fundraising with the SparkUp Campaign”

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La Maison des Antilles

“Before SparkUp, I didn’t know anything about fund raising! It was an ideal solution for my first fundraising attempt!”

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“The best network is the company's network”

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“Surprisingly, the biggest contributions came from the people who are not the closest to me”

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“I got 280% of my funding goal through my funding campaign”

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“Contacts of my contacts have provided 70% of the amount of fundraising!”

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“With SparkUp I raised 126 300€ with favorable terms and valuation.”

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“My contacts were amazed as soon as they clicked on my online pitch, I contacted them immediately”

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“My Network allows me to reach investors that trusted me.”

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“The network driven funding fosters a trusting relationship between the team and investors.”

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“SparkUp allowed us to raise funds by reaching contacts from whom we only knew the email address”

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Talents Affinity

“Our fund raising with SparkUp allowed us to find a key investor for the success of Talents Affinity.”

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“SparkUp allowed me to create a community of representative shareholders.”

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“Most of our funding came from people that we would not be able to reach without SparkUp.”

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