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“Most of our funding came from people that we would not be able to reach without SparkUp.”

Stéphane Gasser, Founder @ Deucalion

The Interview
Why did you trust SparkUp ?
I decided to start a SparkUp campaign because you can’t raise equity from a vast pool of retail investors without tools such as their online teaser or marketing automation system.
What would you tell entrepreneurs who are hesitant about SparkUp ?
I would tell them that SparkUp’s method built on behaviour based emailing combined with phone and live conversations with prospective investors just works. Overall, I was pleasantly surprised by a relatively high welcome rate of my outbound efforts.
What made the success of your campaign ?
Contrary to what I expected, the majority of investments did not come from friends and family but from more distant contacts such as people from my year at college and professional contacts. My friends and family were the first to invest but it was the less close acquaintances which invested the most money individually and in total.
Moreover, my lead investor was an almost total stranger. The boss of a former colleague, he was convinced because he knows the market segment I’m addressing. I am sure other entrepreneurs would be surprised by the investment potential of people in their social networks and in their market.As for the business plan, its presence is a token of reassurance but it's not what will persuade investors. Actually, it’s as often used as a justification not to invest.

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["College relationships","Contacts of Contacts","Professional Network"]