Parkisseo provides an intelligent parking solution. Regis Duhot, founder of Parkisseo, was able to collect 69 000 € from investors who came from his family, friends and professional network.


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“Surprisingly, the biggest contributions came from the people who are not the closest to me”

Regis Duhot,Founder @ Parkisseo

The Interview
What made your campaign successful?
I would say that the idea of Parkisseo played an important role in the success of the campaign. The contacts who wished to support me mainly did so because they believe in me and my project. Of course, the idea of contacting my network in its broadest sense and the personalized and direct communication allowed by SparkUp were essential for the success of my campaign.
What advice would you give to other entrepreneurs who wish to launch their business with SparkUp ?
You have nothing to lose and it works!
Why did you decide to try crowdfunding with SparkUp ?
My objective was to raise funds quickly. I had already launched a crowdfunding campaign for donations with the aim of publicizing our product. But this only allowed me to collect small amounts of money. This time I needed to collect a larger sum so I decided to try crowdfunding with SparkUp.The principle of fees based on success proposed by SparkUp was a key criterion in my decision. In addition, I had realized that my project was not big enough to interest business angels and investment funds.
At what stage of your company’s development did you decide to try crowdfunding ?
We were still developing the prototype. I had only run a few tests in France but had no clients.
How much did you raise with this method ?
In order to make the most of the tax deadlines in June, I was aiming for 100 000€ in two stages: 20 – 25 000€ on the basis of a wealth tax reduction which I would then follow with a second campaign in order to reach the total amount required. More investors wanted to take part in the first campaign so I had to increase the amount I was aiming for and only carry out one campaign for a smaller sum.I was therefore able to raise 69 000€ before June 2016 and I’m planning to run a second campaign to add to this first phase.
What amounts were invested and who are your investors ?
7 investors from all over my network took part.In detail, they came from my professional network, my family and my friends: The father of a childhood friend, who used to be a business owner,Someone I hadn’t seen for ages,Two former colleagues,A member of my family who I hadn’t heard from in ages,Two members of my close family.The amounts ranged from 1 000€ to 20 000€ and the highest contributions came from the people who I’m not so close to.
Who did you contact ?
All my network! My contacts on LinkedIn, my email contacts, my prospects and potential partners.
Did your investors provide more than financial support ?
It’s too early to say, but I’m waiting for some support, such as people connecting me to their contacts. My financing campaign enabled me to begin several conversations and to find people in my network who could help me in different areas: advice, contacts etc.
If you had to do it again, would you do it ?
Yes, absolutely.It was a good experience, both enriching and constructive for Parkisseo. It was also a means of passing from words to actions and a way to open new doors for Parkisseo.
Would you recommend crowdfunding ?
I would recommend crowdfunding without hesitation. I already have and will continue to do so.

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