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“Contacts of my contacts have provided 70% of the amount of fundraising!”

Claude Joseph Angélique, Founder @ PerfExpert

The Interview
Why did you decide to trust Sparkup?
As I was looking information about the different ways to get funds for my company, a friend of mine talked to me about SparkUp. He had just launched a fundraising campaign with SparkUp, and he has now raised 126 000€ for his company, Carfully. He reassured me, and he convinced me that it made sense to present my project to the network of PerfExpert and find investors.
Jeremy and his team also played a major role in the process of fundraising, and they’ve been helpful with administrative formalities, which was much appreciated.
What made the success of you campaign?
PerfExpert mobile app had already proved to be efficient, and I think it really reassured people I’ve talked to. Feedbacks from my clients were really good and it proved to me that the concept was relevant to investors. The risk associated to the product was therefore limited.

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