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“I am now able to break into retail market through new funding.”

Corinne Ajinca, Founder @ Pure&Simple

The Interview
What made the success of you campaign?
Several things: first, my company and my product had already been launched. Second, I had already achieved some revenue. Investors were also reassured by the presentation of my project, which I had optimised for meeting business angels. Third, the communication strategy elaborated with SparkUp was great.
What would you tell entrepreneurs who are still hesitating to use SparkUp?
SparkUp is a very good way to find investors and there is no risk using it. It can even be very useful since your company will grow much faster if the fundraising is successful. That’s what happened for me. I entered the large retailers’ market thanks to social funding. But it was not only about the money I raised: I’ve been given very good advice to optimize my company’s performance, and it made me much more confident to face the challenges of that particular market.
Plus, I received great feedback. And the Sparkup team was there for me during the whole thing, there was always someone keen to support me and help me with my campaign. I really think every entrepreneur should give it a try, they have everything to gain!

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