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“SparkUp allowed me to create a community of representative shareholders.”

Rodolph Castel, Founder @ Tèm

The Interview
What did you appreciate most in SparkUp ?
I really appreciated how SparkUp held my hand and how they tailored their advice throughout my campaign. SparkUp’s team was always available.
What made the success of your campaign ?
The people I contacted were well targeted: 20 to 25% of them invested in my company.
Why did you trust SparkUp ?
I first tried to organise a lovemoney funding round on my own. I discovered quickly that some of my friends and family were surprised, then interested, but often blocked by the minimum investment. Living this adventure with SparkUp enabled me to offer more people to join my company and to build a community of shareholder ambassadors.
What would you tell entrepreneurs who are hesitant about SparkUp ?
I would recommend using SparkUp because winning the backing of one’s network is very valuable when starting a business. Making your network invest in your company is also a very potent way of ensuring they will help your company succeed.

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